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Australian. Picked Fulham 10 years ago because I liked what they were about. Have been living with the consequences ever since. You Whites!

Look Man… Where do we go from here?

Tim Clarke looks at last night's crucial penalty incident that denied Fulham a priceless point at the London Stadium, but also takes a wider view on Lookman's start at FFC.

8th November 2020

Catch 22: Parker’s Impossible Problem

Scott Parker must feel some solidarity with Yossarian, the protagonist of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22. You might know the bind of the novel: Any WW2 pilot who wanted to fly a mission must be insane, and was therefore prohibited from flying. Paradoxically, any man who recognised the danger and tried to opt out, must be of sound mind and was required to fly. “That’s some catch, that Catch 22…”

5th September 2020

Chaos and the Cottagers: What the “unexpected” might mean for Fulham

This weekend, whistles will sound in football stadiums for the first time in months. But for the first time in footballing history, they will echo through empty stadiums, punctuated only by the occasional yell from the players, and barked orders from managers who cast a stark figure against a backdrop of plastic chairs.

19th June 2020

The Away Record Fallacy

Tim Clarke sits down with Gordon Davies and Rob Wilson to discuss how players actually respond to the notion of a poor away record.

6th February 2020

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