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The Resident Fulham Stathead. Usually found in front of an Excel spreadsheet or in the Riverside Stand. Ardent analytics defender. Known for being able to do an ok Roy Hodgson impression.

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The Stats Factory: Pure Lunacy

In this edition of "The Stats Factory", Nick MacNee delves into the Craig Kline fiasco and delivers his opinion on the current status of transfer recruitment in the club.

6th November 2017

The Stats Factory: Jordan Graham and Yohan Mollo

Transfer Deadline Day is always a frantic day, with rumours abound about what talent a club will be able to bring in at the final hour. Big names are always thrown around on the final day of the window, with this year's crop ranging from Fernando Forestieri to Dwight Gayle.

5th September 2017

The Stats Factory: Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Rui Fonte

The striker is undoubtedly the most important individual in football nowadays. While defences may win you championships, as the saying goes, it is the striker that ultimately provides goals, an objective that can’t exactly be valued in financial terms as it's what wins you individual games.

16th August 2017