FourFourDrew: I Hate You So Much Right Now

Drew Heatley 7th January 2019

Our FA Cup exit to League Two Oldham has, understandably, prompted a tidal wave of vitriol towards the Whites – and Tony Khan – online. Drew Heatley appeals for a sense of perspective.

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted going to a Fulham game. But as I was dumped off the tube at Aldgate on Sunday, with 6% battery on my phone, searching for a rail replacement bus, I can honestly say I wish I’d stayed at home.

It was a shit show. There’s no dressing it up, and there’s no hiding from it. Was it the lowest point of the season so far? I’d argue that was still Huddersfield away. Was it the most embarrassing? Probably.

Is it the end of the world as we know it? Should the players give their wages for the week back? Should we be refunded? Is Tony Khan the devil incarnate? The answer to these questions is the same. Don’t be silly.

I’m surprised Twitter’s not burned to the ground with all the hot takes from some fans in the wake of the defeat. And 90% of it is aimed at TK. There are valid arguments in favour of him taking verbal bullets from the Fulham faithful, of course. “You live by social media, you die by social media” is perhaps the most convincing. A questionable scouting strategy is another. But neither warrants the vitriol I’ve seen.

There’s even an eyewitness report that a fan in the Riverside (the Riverside!) “screaming” at Khan and Ali Mac for “ruining” our club. Now, if you don’t see anything wrong with that, then cross this window off – I can’t help you.

This season’s not been fun. I get it. And when it’s held up against last year, it seems even worse. But, please, let’s look at the bigger picture here. The Khans have helped us get back in the Premier League. They invest in the club. They’re developing Craven Cottage. They give a shit. You only have to look at the Oystons at Blackpool and Roland Duchâtelet at Charlton to see just how lucky we are.

I was clearing out my flat on Saturday and I found newspaper cuttings from the day I was born that my Dad gave me. “Fulham to merge with Queens Park Rangers” was the headline.

This club has seen some dark days. These ain’t them. Be angry, be frustrated, but please – be measured.