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Player ratings: Manchester United 1-2 Fulham

Written by Dan Cooke on 25th February 2024

Dan Cooke takes on the player ratings after our historic victory at Old Trafford

Trying to process all of my thoughts into a coherent report is going to be difficult. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt euphoria like it. We were lions (or eagles) at the Theatre of Dreams; we were undoubtedly the better team, strong at the back and wonderfully free and creative going forward. We deserved every one of those three points, but to do it in the way that we did just made it even more special. Really, every single one of our boys should get 10/10, but it wouldn’t make for great reading!

Bernd Leno

It actually didn’t feel like Bernd’s best performance today. In real time it felt like he maybe could’ve done better for United’s goal, and he was guilty of parrying into the danger area on other occasions too. However, he did make a very good save from Garnacho in the first half, stretching to his left, and punched well from a couple of corners really well under considerable pressure. Not Bernd’s best day, but ultimately, who cares! 6/10

Timothy Castagne

A very Timmy performance today I thought. Very steady, without maybe the standout moments that Antonee provides on the other flank. He made some great runs down the right flank, and as he’s shown many times, he’s picks up very smart areas, being able to underlap as well as overlap. I felt like Garnacho had his number a bit in the first half, but actually, for how influential a player he can be, Garnacho didn’t have a huge impact after half time. Steady, competent, and combative, I think that sums Timmy Chestnuts up pretty well. 7.5/10


It was a treat to see Tosin alongside Bassey today, because I’m certain they’re the best pairing we have. A couple of hairy moments in possession in the first half, but overall a dominant performance from the big man. His long strides and appreciable leap meant that he was able to deal with United whether they were trying to get in behind him or whip balls into the box. I’ve got a real soft spot for Tosin, and I thought he was great today. 8/10

Calvin Bassey

Embed from Getty Images

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you across the country. God we’ve missed this man. Whatever Ajax fans were smoking last season, it clouded their judgment. This kid is special. He was as solid as his partner today, but also linked up with Jedi brilliantly, setting our roadrunner free down the left multiple times. The finish for his goal was frankly ridiculous; weaker foot, on the bounce, and he’s just absolutely leathered it. We’ve got a total gem. 9.5/10

Antonee Robinson

I reckon a whole heap of Manchester United fans will have watched that performance and thought “Get the chequebook out Sir Jim, pay whatever it takes to get him in”. Well they can piss off, he’s ours. It was a textbook Jedi performance, flying down that left flank. Especially because none of his crosses seemed to work, but ultimately, for every bad cross, he does five other brilliant things. He was great, and United had no joy down his flank. 8/10

Sasa Lukic

Sasa, we apologise, all of us, the whole fanbase. We all questioned whether he had the minerals to step into Palhinha’s boots, and he emphatically answered that question. From the first crunching tackle he put in early on, to the lovely composure and flow he provided us on the ball, it was a real masterclass from the Serb. I really hope this is a springboard for him to play a part in this squad. 9.5/10

Harrison Reed

Our terrier. If it’s between him and Mainoo for England, give me our ginger Iniesta. He did what we all expected and covered every blade of grass, snapped into every tackle, got battered and bruised and came out the other side with the ball every time. In a season which has seen him drift out the side, it was lovely to get a vintage Harrison performance on the biggest stage. 9/10

Andreas Pereira

Back at his old stomping ground Andreas had a good game, one of his best of this season. He was a big part in breaking through the United lines and driving us forward. Final ball, as always, felt like it was lacking, but he didn’t play his Houdini act, he was constantly involved and making things happen. His corner created the first goal, although I think it was more brilliance from Bassey than it was a good ball in. Still a really good shift. 7.5/10

Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi of Fulham celebrates scoring their second goal
Picture: Andrew Yates (Licenced via Imago Images)

The Fulham Super Eagles are back and they are soaring baby. Such a silky smooth footballer, who whenever Fulham do something good, is always involved in some way. He did miss some chances today, but Dalot couldn’t handle him, and the winner was so nonchalant that it looked like pre-match shooting practice. I love watching this guy play football. He’s also just so bloody cool. 9/10

Harry Wilson

Drifted in and out of the this game at times, but he always seemed to worry United when he got on the ball. The way he drives at defenders makes him so dangerous, and I thought he had the better of Lindelof. Not a starring role, but certainly a great supporting act at the Theatre of Dreams. 7/10

Rodrigo Muniz

Rodrigo Muniz, you are a Premier League striker. He no longer looks awkward in a bad way, it’s in a great way. He’s a total nuisance. Maguire and Varane were dragged left and right, beaten in the air, outmuscled on the ground, who is this man??? I’ve said before, but I feel so proud watching him play like this, and he deserves so much credit for the player he’s turning into. The turn and shot that smacked the post was that of an elite centre-forward, and was so unlucky that it didn’t go in. He was shattered by the end, and I’m not surprised, he put in a serious shift. 9/10


Tom Cairney

Vintage TC. His composure on the ball is wonderful, and he is seemingly unpressable. One moment in particular, where it felt like four United players swarmed him, but with a drop of the shoulder and a languid pirouette, out emerged Tom with the ball, and left four United players bemused as to what had happened. 8/10

Adama Traore

Adama has finally arrived. Is there anyone in world football who you would rather bring on against a team who are desperately seeking a goal and leaving themselves exposed at the back? The funniest moment of this season will absolutely be Harry Maguire looking like he was towing a caravan whilst trying to keep up with our speedster. The vital moment was whether he could make something happen at the end of the run, but he showed good composure to calmly pick out Iwobi to sweep home the winner. This is what we signed him for. 8/10

Issa Diop

I honestly have no idea. I watched the entirety of the end of the game through the gaps between my fingers, so I don’t have a clue how Issa played, it’s all a blur. No rating for Issa, sorry mate.

Marco Silva

Marco Silva manager of Fulham celebrates the win during the Premier League match
Picture: Andrew Yates (Licenced via Imago Images)

I don’t think George usually gives Marco a rating in these articles, but it felt remiss to leave him out. A tactical masterclass. How do you replace Palhinha? How do you replace Willian? Whilst we were all flapping, Marco was plotting. Not only did he pick what turned out to be the perfect starting 11, every substitution was perfect too. Perfectly timed, perfectly executed. Outside of Fulham, this man does not get enough praise. Sod your “xG”, sod your “field tilt”, sod your “big chances conceded”, Marco’s tricky Whites don’t care about them, he’s a genius. 10/10 – Man of the match

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