Podcast: Craven Cottage Capitulation

It's all over. There shall be no great escape for Fulham this season, as our 2-0 defeat to Burnley on Monday night cemented our place back in the Championship next season.
11th May 2021

Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts: Fulham 0-2 Burnley

That relegation-defining nail's dangled ominously for a lifetime and Sean Dyche's Burnley drove it into Fulham's Premier League coffin, reading our last rites with a foreseeable 2-0 victory. Bowing out without a whimper, Scott Parker summarised this condemning defeat with loaded statements, dressed dismissively, holding his hand up to our demise whilst inadvertently accusing unnamed affiliates. Protests won't relieve us of Tony Khan but I genuinely hope that as our distracted, unqualified excuse of a DoF - who's presumably maturing - he'll also own a hefty, deserving slice of accountability.
11th May 2021

Player Rating

Player Ratings: Fulham v Burnley

What ratings out of 10 would you give tonight's Fulham team for their performance against Burnley at Craven Cottage?
10th May 2021


Podcast: Cuckoo Land, Fulham Women, Burnley Preview

We look at Parker's claims that the relegation fight is not dead, despite a nine point gap and only twelve points still up for grabs. Is it foolish optimism from Scott? Or does he maybe have a point?
6th May 2021


Podcast: Evicted by Neighbours

In recent months Fulhamish has become part podcast, part group therapy session... Join Coops, Ben, AF and Dom as they mull over Fulham's 2-0 May Day loss at Stamford Bridge
3rd May 2021