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From pre-match to community: uniting fans with off-field activities

20th October 2023

As fans gear up for the game day, Fulham FC and other sports organisations worldwide are working hard to ensure that fans have a great experience both inside and outside the stadium. These events are not made just for fun but to bring fans together and, most of the time, generate even more income.

It is not easy to bring this many people to an event, so from a business point of view, clubs are trying to offer them as many services as possible. And that is a good practice because it results in awesome activities, helping the community bond. From parties before the game to community events, let’s look at how clubs keep the excitement going all season long.

A match goes well with good food and drinks

By far, the most intense fan engagement rate on a Fulham match day happens where you would expect the least. The love for football is obviously visible in the stadium in the most intense 90 minutes of that day. But the restaurants and bars near the stadium are other places where you would find the fans.

Those are the best places to find a good and refreshing beer, some English breakfasts and a range of options from fry to desserts. A cafe like that is the perfect place to enjoy the match. The traditions involving food and drinks on game days are more than just satisfying hunger and thirst. Eating or drinking together before, during, or after the game shows that you belong to a community.

It is a way to celebrate wins, feel sad together about losses, and share all the moments of the season. For many, these food traditions are even more important than the chants, cheers, or clothing on game day.

Pre-match festivities

If you want people to keep showing up for your games, you have to make them love everything about the process of going to the stadium. This means that you must offer them a full experience. This extends to the minutes or even hours before the match when some clubs organise fan zones outside the stadium with music and games, offering them the opportunity to meet and cheer.

Other clubs may allow the fans to enjoy some of the products from their sponsors. For example, casinos and bookies are huge sponsors for football clubs. So, if you see some slots you knew from SlotsCalendar being highlighted before the game, it is definitely because of sponsorship.

These little things are keeping the industry alive. The sponsors often have rewards for fans and organise competitions for them. Not to mention the food and drinks stalls featuring local delicacies when these events occur. Everything is done so the fans can enjoy their time. Special children’s activities never miss, and face painting is already a tradition, especially in the UK.

Online engagement

Football clubs understand that their supporters come from around the world, so they have started organising virtual experiences for people who cannot attend the games. These experiences include online shows before the match, where fans can see interviews with players and experts talking about tactics.

This helps fans get ready and excited for the game, even at home. The clubs have also created interactive websites where fans can make predictions about the match, choose their favourite players, and even watch the game from different angles. This makes the experience more personal and lets the fans feel closer to the game, no matter where they are.

How do you celebrate the game day? What is that thing that makes you love watching your team play?

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