Podcast: Fulham and the First World War

7th November 2018

This is a brief history of Fulham Football Club and the First World War, 100 years since Armistice Day in 1918.

Sammy James speaks to history expert Morgan Philips and Ian McMullen of ‘Football And The First World War’ to piece together how Fulham FC changed between the war years of 1914 and 1918, and remember the Fulham footballers who gave their lives during the Great War.

Bob Suart, William Borland, William Maughn, Harry Rowbottom, Pat Flanagan, Fred Wheatcroft, Fred Waterson and Ted Thompson are those former FFC players (that we know of) who lost their lives during the war. We hope that this short episode in some way honours what these men sacrificed a century ago.

We’re indebted to the brilliant help of Morgan and Ian for this project. As a result we’re raising money for Ian’s website, footballandthefirstworldwar.org – a valuable resource that’s attempting to plot each link between UK football and the Great War. We’re selling prints from the talented Paine Profitt, in order to raise funds for the website. You can buy your copy now at fulhamish.co.uk/shop

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