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Five Thoughts: Fulham 2-0 Everton

I've not written a rose-tinted article like this for a very, very long time. Saturday's 2-0 triumph over Everton was undoubtedly Fulham's greatest performance to date this season and for a few hours or so, or at least until I started to tap this paragraph into my keyboard, I'd forgotten that we'd been relegated in our previous meeting at Vicarage Road. It's hilarious what one spirited outing - cradled in a web of disarray - on the banks of the Thames can do to your conscious perception of reality.
15th April 2019

Five Thoughts: Watford 4-1 Fulham

Champagne's on ice, cigars are teasing lips and salmon and cream cheese sandwiches are balanced on platters. Let the sadistic relegation party, that's admittedly been long-awaited, commence! We're glad you filled in your RSVP slip after months of endless humming and hawing. What a shitshow of a season this has been in the so-called majesty of the Premier League, aye?
3rd April 2019

Five Thoughts: Fulham 0-2 Man City

It was business as usual on the pitch this weekend as the Champions came to town and showed Fulham just why they're one of the best teams in the business, all without really getting out of second gear. For one last time this season Jack Collins took the reigns, with Cam Ramsey's international break coming to an end in time to see him return for Watford. Here's Jack's Five Things:
1st April 2019

Five Thoughts: Fulham 1-2 Liverpool

Fulham gave another spirited performance at the Cottage against Liverpool on St. Patrick's Day, but ultimately fell to another defeat as our Premier League lives slowly ebb away. With Cam Ramsey on a short term loan deal in the academies of Thailand, Jack Collins steps into the breach to give his five thoughts on the Liverpool game.
18th March 2019

Five Thoughts: Leicester City 3-1 Fulham

Fulham's late capitulation at the King Power Stadium completely summarises our abysmal return to the Premier League. It really doesn't matter who's in charge, the Cottagers simply don't have what it takes to compete and thrive in the planet's most cutthroat division on a weekly basis. There were glimmers of sanguine in brief spells against Leicester City, but the Foxes stalked the Whites throughout and pounced without mercy.
10th March 2019

Five Thoughts: Fulham 1-2 Chelsea

I can't recall a time where I've been this satisfied after a defeat. Let Chelsea have their empty bragging rights, Fulham have been gifted a new lease of life and it's all thanks to Scott Parker's divine conception. Perhaps I'm getting a little too far ahead of myself, again, but I sincerely hope that we proceed to test our remaining opponents with the same level of courage, resolve and diligence.
3rd March 2019

Five Thoughts: Southampton 2-0 Fulham

The axe has been looming. "Dilly ding, dilly dong", the bells tolled for Claudio Ranieri on Thursday afternoon. Following Fulham's dismal 2-0 defeat against fellow stragglers Southampton on Wednesday night, the desultory Italian's toilsome tenure down by the river is now, finally, no more. Stubborn, chaotic, vilified, the 'Tinker Man' was climatically destined for the chop.
28th February 2019

Five Thoughts: West Ham United 3-1 Fulham

There's an uprising afoot and we Fulhamish lads want you, yes you, to join our movement. Alright, we're not inciting violence, abuse or nuclear warfare, but we as vehement, impassioned supporters of London's Originals have to take a stand as one irrepressible resistance. This 2018-19 campaign has been an abomination, truly, and after Friday night's deplorable 3-1 defeat against West Ham United, it's time to be heard by the masses and the dismissive powers that be.
23rd February 2019

Five Thoughts: Fulham 0-3 Manchester United

If you squint at a picture of Claudio Ranieri, you'll notice that he resembles a certain someone. An individual that also dons thick framed spectacles with a shock of grey hair. Twigged it? No matter what angle or perspective you glance at the dumbfounded Italian, shuddering comparisons of Felix Magath creep into the forefront of our vision.
11th February 2019