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Positives and negatives: Fulham 2-1 Peterborough United

Can we just create a time machine and revisit Wednesday night all over again? Well, it's a no on that count, although Cam Ramsey will try to tell the tale of how goals were netted and esteem was solidified as best as he damn well can. Let's drink it in.
24th February 2022

Positives and negatives: Fulham 1-2 Huddersfield Town

Forget about this one. It probably isn't worth the effort because these things happen, however Cam Ramsey wants to unpick our 5th loss of the campaign as it really isn't all doom and gloom in the aftermath of Storm Eunice.
20th February 2022
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Introducing: The Fulhamish Community

We’re launching a new Fulham community for fans of Fulhamish – and we’d love you to get involved today. Here’s everything you need to know. 
17th February 2022