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Parker’s Fulham > Slav’s Fulham

It is human nature to romanticise the past. And the romantic feelings I have towards May 26th 2018 and Slavisa Jokanovic are bordering on inappropriate. But I've glossed over that cold December night when that Fulham team gave Sunderland their first home win in 364 days. I've repressed the memories of losing 8-2 to Chelsea pre-season. 'It means nothing,' I told myself, very unconvincingly. No, that season is all Mitro on fire and Denis sitting on the crossbar at Wembley.
25th October 2019

Scotty Parker’s Loan-ly Whites Club

This image from the first home game is truly poetic. Mitro and TC, goalscorers and spine of this Fulham team, framed perfectly in the centre. Behind them, Blackburn goalkeeper and defender are slumped in resignation. Beyond, Fulham FC are building something...
29th August 2019

Putney Ultras | Thirty-Three Degrees South

I’ve got a confession: I once sat in the Putney End. It was the 2-1 win against Sunderland last year. I mean no offence to any die-hard Putney End fan, but it was awful.
23rd May 2019

Thirty Three Degrees South: The Psychology of Fandom

Does the sight of Tom Cairney on the wing send you into spirals of depression? Is throwing away an early lead akin to passing gall stones? Thirty-Three Degrees South takes a look at the long term prognosis of supporting Fulham FC
22nd March 2019

A Call To Arms

Gallipoli. 1915. Australian troops attempt to storm the beach, and lose almost 8000 men. Yet over time, a tactical defeat became a nation defining event, where the virtues of courage, and helping out your mates were formed. And it demonstrates that there is such thing as losing, and losing.
17th February 2019