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Collins Column: 10 From 18

The numbers from our start of the season are there in black and white, for all to see. Jack J Collins takes a look back on the opening period of our return to the Championship.
11th September 2019

Scotty Parker’s Loan-ly Whites Club

This image from the first home game is truly poetic. Mitro and TC, goalscorers and spine of this Fulham team, framed perfectly in the centre. Behind them, Blackburn goalkeeper and defender are slumped in resignation. Beyond, Fulham FC are building something...
29th August 2019

Here’s to you, Ryan Sessegnon

So Ryan Sessegnon is off to Spurs. It has been inevitable all summer, although for the past fortnight I've had a distant hope that it might all be off. I guess that's proven to me, that despite the fact it makes sense financially, I'm gutted that he's leaving SW6. Here's to you Ryan Sessegnon…
8th August 2019

Joe Bryan: A Modern Day Role Model

This week Fulham left-back Joe Bryan published a particularly poignant post giving an insight in to the toughest period of his life. He is a modern day role model.
6th August 2019

FourFourDrew: Thanks For The Memories

There’s a bit of revisionism going on when it comes to Ryan Sessegnon, who’s edging closer to the exit. Drew Heatley argues why he should go with our blessing.
23rd July 2019

Away Day Planner: August 2019

With our August fixtures announced, and subsequently shifted forwards to Friday (thanks Sky Sports...) Dom Betts is here to give you the lowdown on the best way to follow Fulham away.
10th July 2019

Putney Ultras | Thirty-Three Degrees South

I’ve got a confession: I once sat in the Putney End. It was the 2-1 win against Sunderland last year. I mean no offence to any die-hard Putney End fan, but it was awful.
23rd May 2019