9 Away Day Planner posts

Away Day Planner: August 2019

With our August fixtures announced, and subsequently shifted forwards to Friday (thanks Sky Sports...) Dom Betts is here to give you the lowdown on the best way to follow Fulham away.
10th July 2019

Putney Ultras | Thirty-Three Degrees South

I’ve got a confession: I once sat in the Putney End. It was the 2-1 win against Sunderland last year. I mean no offence to any die-hard Putney End fan, but it was awful.
23rd May 2019

Collins Column: Parker, Better, Faster, Stronger

Fulham have a new permanent boss in place for the roughshod road of the Championship, and it is a rookie in many regards who will be at the helm, in Scott Parker. The former skipper has done a good job since taking over, and yet it is hard to truly define a reign that has been mostly done in the light of first impending, and then confirmed, relegation. Jack J Collins digs a little deeper.
10th May 2019

#StopTheGreed: A member’s perspective

As a member, but not a season ticket holder, George Singer is one of those most impacted by Fulham's alienating ticket pricing strategy. Below he gives his own personal story, and outlines how you can help Fulhamish's cause.
28th March 2019

Thirty Three Degrees South: The Psychology of Fandom

Does the sight of Tom Cairney on the wing send you into spirals of depression? Is throwing away an early lead akin to passing gall stones? Thirty-Three Degrees South takes a look at the long term prognosis of supporting Fulham FC
22nd March 2019

Points, Perspective and Protests

The gaffer has a column! After much reluctance to put pen to paper, the first edition of Sammy James' new column is here. Today, he takes a look at the recent Tony Khan debate, and an update on the #StopTheGreed ticket price campaign, which continues to grow momentum.
13th March 2019