The Greatest Goals Scored Against Fulham in the Championship

Guy Barlow 12th February 2018

Adam Le Fondre’s wonder goal for Bolton at the weekend got Guy Barlow thinking – what other screamers have the Whites conceded during our time in the Championship?

Now, obviously in our first two seasons there’s just so many goals overall to choose from – 83 and 79 goals were scored against us in those first two dark years – so forgive me if any obvious worldies have slipped through the net during my ‘rigorous’ research.

The following goals are just the first ones that came into my head, although I suspect like most of us I’ve blanked out most of those first two seasons after relegation. Anyway, here we go with some of the best against us:

Ross Wallace

Result: Fulham 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday

Ross Wallace definitely has a track record of producing thunderbolts with his left peg, but this must surely be one of his best. He picks up the ball on the right wing, cuts inside and hits it ludicrously hard from well over 30 yards past Andy Lonergan.

This was actually Slav’s first match in charge and our side featured, wait for it, the one and only Jamie O’Hara and a centre back pairing of Dan Burn and Richard Stearman…*shudders*

Kenneth Zohore

Result: Cardiff 2-4 Fulham

If you look up ‘scored out of nothing’ in the dictionary this goal might be one of the first entries next to it. We’d just gone 3-1 up but straight from kick-off Kenneth Zohore scored this beauty to set-up a nervy last few minutes before StefJo’s goal in the last minute.

If you watch it again, I honestly think it was just a bad first touch from him that sat up so nicely he just thought ‘why not.’

Jonathan Kodija

Result: Aston Villa 1-0 Fulham

Now, David Button got a lot of stick for this goal at the time for what is admittedly a terrible passage of play from him, but this is a hell of a goal. First time, flying volley across ‘Gigi’ that left him with no chance.

Jack Grealish

Result: Fulham 3-1 Aston Villa

Here’s the other goal scored Villa against us last season, albeit without a goalkeeper error. A really aesthetically pleasing goal from a player with infuriatingly low socks who, annoyingly, is starting to fill his potential in a good Villa side this year.

Stuart Dallas

Result: Fulham 1-4 Brentford

I’d watch these next two without the sound up. To be fair to Dallas, this is a pretty good strike, but the joke’s on him because Brentford didn’t even go up and he now plays for resident Championship banter-club Leeds United.

Alan Judge

Result: Fulham 1-4 Brentford

This is just a really good free-kick that left Betts with no chance – incidentally our current No. 1 is noticeably the biggest victim of this particular list, despite Joe Lewis, Gabor Kiraly and Andy Lonergan’s best efforts to feature more prominently.

Steve Cook

Result: Fulham 1-5 Bournemouth

Steve Cook should not be featuring on any kind of list of great goals, and yet here he is. Steve Cook is a League 1 quality player and smug Eddie Howe only plays him in the PL because he tucks his shirt in.

However, one Friday night at the Cottage he arrowed a first-time strike into the top bins, with absolutely no regard for his true calibre. Absolute scenes.

Lee Tomlin

Result: Fulham 1-2 Bristol City

This one isn’t an extremely obvious screamer but makes it on this list nonetheless because of how sickening it was. This result was probably the only time in the Championship where I genuinely thought we were going down.

(Ed: Nearly had to take this out because of how much of a hit in the gut this was, but it’s a clutch strike at a clutch time—thankfully we never had to bear out what might have been.)

So that’s that – quite a list really! Having said all that, my personal favourite, if it’s even possible to have a favourite goal that’s been scored against your team, has to be Le Fondre’s from this weekend.

Yes, he’s cost us two points, but it’s just such a good goal. It’s so incredibly route one which is hilarious, it’s a dipping, swerving volley, and it’s on his weaker foot too!

Adam Le Fondre

Result: Bolton 1-1 Fulham

Just as a side note to finish, I recently watched Le Fondre on one of Soccer AM’s ‘You Know The Drill’ with Jimmy Bullard from when ‘Alf’ played for Wolves, (Le Fondre’s nickname), and he was truly rubbish. Absolutely woeful.

Honestly, check it out, he couldn’t have finished his dinner that day. That’s football I guess.