Your Opinions: End of the Kline

Cameron Ramsey 1st November 2017

Fulham fans were rocked by the news that Craig Kline, the club’s assistant director of football operations, had been relieved from his position on Tuesday after a suspected row over recruitment at Motspur Park.

It’s now emerged that an alleged feud took place, which even lead the statistician to summon the police to his aid after being notified of his dismissal – according to a report published by The Telegraph.

It is believed that Kline played a major part in the Whites’ transfer dealings, making his final verdict on players by analysing their performance data at their former clubs. Although there is no doubt that Kline was influential in bringing numerous players to Fulham, it’s still unclear exactly whom the number-crunching statto actually welcomed to Fulham and how defining his role was.

The supposed figurehead behind Kline’s sacking is Fulham owner Shahid Khan, father of vice-chairman Tony Khan, who had formally backed Kline’s standing in the club’s hierarchy. Since being rendered surplus to requirement, a Twitter account which is suspected to be the American citizen posted a series of damning tweets on Wednesday regarding the hostility he received from a number of club officials and senior figures. The allegations within the tweets were of a serious nature and have subsequently been deleted. The screenshots however can be found here.

With Fulham presently enduring turbulent times on the pitch, it appears that there’s certainly a hefty dose of insecurity surrounding the club off the turf behind the scenes, too. After the revelation of Kline’s alleged sacking came to prominence, we asked fans via Twitter to offer their opinion on the pressing, somewhat incriminating matter. From what was given by those who replied, perhaps ‘Slav’s’ head will be next on the chopping block at the Cottage?

The divide in opinion was soon restored to the feed, however, with some strong statements in relation to the summer transfer window especially…

Since joining Fulham in October 2014, it’s said that Kline has been instructed on a number of occasions to leave the training facility and only to return after serving a ‘cooling-off’ period. However this time, after allegedly enlightening the authorities on a picnic bench of his grievances, Khan’s university pal will not be returning to Motspur anytime soon. The police have not commented on the issue and if it is to escalate any further it’s believed that Fulham will seek legal action.

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