Shahid Khan: “The Harvest is Now Growing”

Sammy James 22nd September 2017

Ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ return to Wembley on Sunday aftertnoon Fulham chairman Shahid Khan appeared on Talksport’s afternoon show. Whilst much of the chat was related to the Jaguars and the NFL, Khan did answer some Fulham related questions.

As ever, Khan was very measured in his responses, promoting the word ‘sustainable’ as often as he possibly could. There was an interesting hint towards the development of the Riverside Stand, plus he also spoke of his strategy should Fulham reach the Premier League. 

When asked about Fulham’s new additions he said that he’s “very optimistic” about them, and when asked about last season he was pleased at how Fulham had achieved 6th place whilst still spending less than other clubs. 

The interview as a whole did make it quite clear that Shahid has quite a hands-off approach with the club, instead entrusting others to make decisions with his backing rather than being involved at every level.

You can read the full transcript below:

Shahid on his strategy as chairman.

I think you’ve got to have a sustainable model. For me, Fulham was there way before my time and it’ll be here way after I’m gone. So what makes it sustainable shouldn’t be someone’s bottomless bank account.

It’s developing the players, the academy – huge investment in that, maintaining the category one status and the development.

We enjoy a great location in the city, and [developing] the Riverside stand so there’s more money that can be invested in the squad. My approach is that I don’t want to come and make a small fortune by spending a large fortune.

There’s been a huge amount of investment and there will be in the future, but it’s something that will be sustainable.

Shahid on last season’s success

It was a good season, and if you look at it financially we spent a lot less than other clubs. The whole team except two players is back, they wanted to move on and thats ok. We’ve added a bunch of players who strengthen the squad and I’m very optimistic.

Shahid on his strategy if Fulham are promoted

Clubs might think they’re richer [by getting promoted] but with the contracts they’re not going to stay rich too long. So getting spending money, getting promoted and going down is certainly not my strategy.

For us we want to get promoted and have a strategy where we stay there for the long haul, and do it in a sustainable manner so it’s there long after we’ve gone

Shahid on being involved in team selection

I have a day job, almost 30,000 full-time employees in autoparts and obviously this is a responsibility to a football club. But my model is that I want to find the best people, you want to give them the resources and you want to empower them and hold them accountable.

So if I thought if I could do a better job on which formation to play or which player should be starting I should be coach. I don’t think I’m helping the football club by doing that. Basically we’re planting the seeds, and the harvest is now growing.