Player Rating

Player Ratings: Fulham v Man City

What player rating out of 10 would you give each of the Fulham team for their performance against Man City in Saturday’s Premier League clash? Vote below and see what other Whites fans have voted too.
30th March 2019


#StopTheGreed: Plan of Action

On Saturday, the #StopTheGreed protest launches into action at Craven Cottage. The online support has been phenomenal, but it’s time to take the agenda from the keyboards to the stands.
29th March 2019

Singer's Corner

#StopTheGreed: A member’s perspective

As a member, but not a season ticket holder, George Singer is one of those most impacted by Fulham's alienating ticket pricing strategy. Below he gives his own personal story, and outlines how you can help Fulhamish's cause.
28th March 2019


Podcast: Stop The Greed + Man City Preview (Xtra)

In this week's Fulhamish Xtra, Farrell and Sammy talk about all things #StopTheGreed, ahead of our day of action on Saturday. We discuss why we believe this ticket price action is important, and how you can help get involved.
26th March 2019


Don’t Blame The Analytics

In his latest article, Nick MacNee says you shouldn't blame Tony Khan for building a team with analytics but building it with the wrong vision in mind.
25th March 2019

Thirty Three Degrees South

Thirty Three Degrees South: The Psychology of Fandom

Is following Fulham bad for your health? Does the sight of Tom Cairney on the wing send you into spirals of depression? Tim Clarke explores what following Fulham FC does to us. (Spoiler: There's some good news below!)
22nd March 2019


Five Thoughts: Fulham 1-2 Liverpool

Fulham gave another spirited performance at the Cottage against Liverpool on St. Patrick's Day, but ultimately fell to another defeat as our Premier League lives slowly ebb away. With Cam Ramsey on a short term loan deal in the academies of Thailand, Jack Collins steps into the breach to give his five thoughts on the Liverpool game.
18th March 2019

Player Rating

Player Ratings: Fulham v Liverpool

What ratings out of 10 would you give today's Fulham team for their performance against Liverpool at Anfield? Vote below and check out what other Whites fans have voted too.
17th March 2019